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Methods to download TikTok videos:

Tiktok needs no introduction since it has reached and influenced on people of all ages. It has become one of the biggest sources of entertainment, it is in short a 'time-killing' application people prefer to use when they are free. All you need is to scroll, scroll and scroll and you will find interesting things to look at every time.

When scrolling, you may find something worth watching again, or you may want to share the video with someone who can relate to it. Tiktok understands user needs and has allowed the users to download the videos after they sign-up using their email or via other means.

However, it is also true that not all the videos are downloadable, so now what? Well, you can screen record the video but that may not be suitable as all the hashtags, captions, and icons will appear as well, ultimately ruining the fun. Do not worry though as there are solutions. In this post. Below, we have included instructions on how to download TikTok videos without the save option. Let's start with the basic questions.

How do I save a video from TikTok to my gallery?

TikTok is famous because of several factors and one is its user interference. TikTok is very easy to use and when it comes to downloading a video, all you need is to click on the option and you will see the video straight in your gallery.

When watching a video, you will see three options floating on the right side, one is heart-shaped for liking the video, one is for commenting and the last is to share the video with your friends and family. When you just simply share it, the link to the video will be sent to the recipient but if you want to download the video and then share it, you will see an option of saving the video. You can save and send the video to anyone you want.

Why can’t I download TikTok videos?

As already mentioned in the first section, TikTok offers an option that you can use. However, sometimes you aren't able to download the video as there is no save option available or it is not working properly.

This happens due to some reasons. One major reason is that the creator of the video turns off the download option from the privacy settings as they do not want their video to be downloaded and this depends on the creator as there are many reasons why they might not want the users to download their videos and it varies from person to person. Another reason can be that in some regions, the download option is turned off by default from the TikTok management. This means even if the creator wants to let the viewers save the video, they simply can not. So, these are the main reasons why you might not see the download option on the videos that you like.

Why can’t I save all Tiktoks?

TikTok in most parts of the world allows users to save the video and watch them offline or to share them with other people and if you are able to download some of the videos but not all the TikTok videos, this is because the creator chose to 'Off' the download option for the viewers. If you are unable to save even a single video, then it is your region where the problem is (refer to the second question for a detailed explanation).

How do I save a TikTok video without the Save option?

So, we have discussed all the possible reasons why you can not download some TikToks from the app into your gallery, now it is time to discuss what you can do to download TikTok videos without the save option.

There are several methods that you can use and as per your preference, you can choose one. But before you go on with the process, you need to understand that if the creator himself turned off the option of saving the video, it might mean that they do not want their intellectual property to be used without their consent.

Also, using someone's TikTok without their permission may lead to copyright infringement issues. So, it is better if you simply DM the person whos video you are trying to download and seek permission to use the video with credit.

After getting the permission, either ask the creator to share the TikTok or download it via some third-party apps or websites. There are plenty of applications present for you to use on both the Play Store and App Store that you can use to download the videos. There are also some websites can help you get the video as well. We will discuss this further in the next section.

How can I download TikTok videos without the app?

If you want to get TikToks without the app, you can get the videos through Three methods: TikTok's official website, from third-party apps/websites or by downloading our tiktok downloader from the top of this page. Let's explore all of the methods.

Downloading videos through TikTok's website:

Saving videos from TikTok's website is not everyone's cup of tea as you may need to have sufficient technical knowledge of your browser in order to do it. This is because the website, in general, doesn't feature a download option regardless of the privacy settings enabled by the creator. However, you can get the videos by following some steps:

  • The first step is to head over to TikTok.com. You can log-in to your account but that is optional.
  • After you are done with singing in, select and open the video you want to save.
  • Once done, use the mouse's right button and click on the 'inspect' option. Redirect to the elements tab and scroll until you find text that starts with “<video”. If you find it difficult to reach this text, it will be under some rows of “<div class=” texts
  • Select the text and make sure that you have selected all of it, you will see the video gets highlighted blue when you select the text.
  • After selecting the text, you will see text with an HTTPS address. Right-click on it and open it in a new tab. The TikTok video will play in the new tab.
  • Now you are done with the process, right-click again and select the save video option. You can then rename the file, select the location and hit the save button in the pop-up window.

Download TikTok Posts With Third-Party TikTok Downloader Sites

Before you try this method out, it is better to read TikTok's Intellectual Property Policy to make sure you get the idea about your sharing limitations.

There is an array of options available for you to choose from when it comes to third-party sites that help in downloading TikTok videos like SnapTik.

If you want to try out this website, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open the video you want to save in TikTok app
  • Copy the link of the video by tapping on the share icon.
  • Go to SnapTik's website
  • Paste the link to the provided fields and hit the download button that appears. After hitting the button, you will be redirected and provided with three different servers, the first one works fine and if it doesn’t, you can try the other two then.
  • After selecting one, a prompt will appear where you have to select the download.
  • Depending on the video size and your internet speed, the video will download in a few seconds or a few minutes and you can save it to your library or anywhere you want.

In case you are unable to download videos on SnapTik, you can use these alternative sites:

All of these aforementioned sites and other similar sites use the same method of downloading videos from TikTok and require the users to simply copy and paste the link and hit the download button.

Download TikTok Videos With TikTok Downloader Free Software On PC

This is by far the easiest method and also offers you the most freedom. You simple have to navigate to downloatiktok.co. You are already here, so great job on completing step one. Then you need to download the TikTok downloader software by providing you email. the software will be emailed to you as an attachment. if you do not see the email come to your inbox after a few minutes, then please check the spam folder. From there, simply download the program and start it up. Add as many TikTok URLs as you would like and hit the download button. Boom! all your TikTok videos have now been downloaded!

It can be daunting when you want to save a video from TikTok and share it with your friends and family or watch it offline again later but there is no way of downloading it. Well, say farewell to this feeling of disappointment because now you can use these above methods to download any video you like.

Whenever you see any video that you can not download using the simple save option, the above steps will help you out. Try these out but bear in mind that you need to ask for the permission of creators if you are using it for commercial or other purposes.

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