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After the political and on-field clash between India and China, TikTok along with 58 other apps were banned by the Indian Government. This led to a great distress among many users and creators. Most of the people support the government’s decision but still there are some people that want to use it and download the videos from there.

Also, some creators want to download all their videos and upload on other platforms to make a living. So, to help such people, we have crafted this post. In this post, we will answer some of the commonly asked questions about how to download TikTok videos in India and will try to cover every aspect possible.

How can I download TikTok videos in India?

First as we all know, TikTok is banned and you cannot even access it using the website or application using local ISPs and IP. You first need to access TikTok to download any video you want.

To solve this issue, you need to download VPN on your smartphone. A VPN will change your IP and will route your data traffic via an encrypted virtual tunnel. This way you can easily access TikTok.  After you access it you can easily download any video you want from the share option. You can save your own videos or someone else’s just like the way it was before the restrictions.

Is downloading TikTok illegal in India?

This question isn’t asked much as people do not bother and use this app even after the restrictions applied by the govt. As far as law is concerned, there is no such law that states that if a person uses TikTok after it is banned by the govt, he/she will be charged with imprisonment or any sort of fine.

So, it is fine if you use TikTok while being in India but if you want to be obliged with the decision of the state administration, you should avoid using it. Also, it is not confirm that any law will be passed or not that states using TikTok or any other banned as a legal cyber offense.

Moreover, you can use it by now but only with the help of a proxy network or VPN that you can download on your smartphone or use websites.

How can I download TikTok videos on my PC in India?

When using a PC to download videos, it can be tricky and while the TikTok is banned, you can not just simple login and download it using the inspect element method.

There are two main methods to download any video from TikTok, first is to inspect elements with other simple steps and the other one is to use different third party websites to download videos in India. The basic step for both is to open a VPN and connect to a server to open the Website otherwise, it will not open. . Let’s explore both.

Downloading videos without any software or website:

This method might not be for everyone as there are some steps that are difficult to remember but still here is the method.

  • Open
  • Find the video we want to download or use a random video from the home page
  • Once you’ve found your video click on it now right click on the video
  • Choose the option inspect element choose network and on the sub menu choose media
  • Now refresh your page and a file should appear on the right side under the media option
  • Right click on it and select open in new tab now a new browser tab will appear with your video playing
  • Right click on the video and press save video as select a location you want it to be saved.

This way, if you follow all the steps, your video will be saved right where you wanted it.

Downloading TikTok Videos using third party apps and websites:

There are hundreds of different websites and applications available that claims to download your videos for free and fast. Some of the top websites are SnapTik, Tikmate and so on.

These websites are very easy to use and anyone with basic knowledge of internet can easily download their favorite videos from TikTok. When you want to download videos using Third-party website, you will need to open TikTok, open the video you want to get, copy the link of that video from the top, open any website you like like the above mentioned, and paste the link in the given field.

There you go, your video will be saved within minutes. The main benefits of these websites is that the watermark from the video is removed automatically which bothers some people or if you are a creator and want to get your videos without watermark in original quality to post it on other platforms, these websites will work best for you.

Also, if you are using a smartphone. You can get help from third-party apps like Vidmate and others and easily download any video from TikTok in India.

Note: You may not need any apps when using smartphones as Tik Tok already offers a downloading option. Just access Tik Tok using VPN and you are good to go.


How can I download TikTok using VPN in India?

TikTok is banned in India along with some other applications and the only way to access this app is to use VPN. No matter if you are using smartphone or PC, you will need a virtual network to access Tik Tok and there is no other way to use it.

So, when it comes to download Tik Tok using VPN in India, you can easily do it without any issue. All you need is to follow some simple steps and keep some tips in mind.

In order to download videos directly from Tik Tok using VPN in India, you need to:

  • Open TikTok App or Website on PC or Mobile
  • Open the video you want to download
  • If you are on PC, you need to follow the steps mentioned above but if you are on your smartphone, you need to click on the share button
  • In the share button, you will see different options. Search and find the saving option and click on it
  • Your video will download and will be added in your account

If you do not see any option that can help you download easily, it is either because of your region or the creator chose to not allow other to download their videos. You can still download the videos using different software and websites like the one explained above. However, you should avoid downloading such videos without the consent of the creator if you are using it for comercial purposes.

Final Words

TikTok is one of the most entertaining platform of all time but after it was banned in India by the authorities due to some obvious and not so obvious reasons, it was difficult for general public to use it easily but now you can use VPN and use it easily.

In this post, we have discussed all the methods that you can use to download any video from Tiktok in India and we hope that you found your answer in this post. Good luck!

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