How to download any tiktok video on Android

There are many different flavors of androids as well as many different phone manufacturers that host the Android operating system. Unfortunately we cannot post instructions on how to download tiktok videos for every version of Android However most versions are similar to each other so you should still be able to follow along.  This set of instructions will be based on a Samsung S8 using Android version 9.

The first step to download a tiktok video on android is to open the tiktok app and navigate to the video that you would like to download.

Next, click on the share button located in the bottom right hand side of the video.

After you click the share button, you should see a popup that shows the various options for sharing the tiktok video. You will need to click the option labeled as “Save video”. If there is no option to Save video then you can download tiktok video using our custom software for pc.

Once you click the “Save video” you may be prompted with another popup asking you to provide the tiktok app with permission to access your media and files. You will need to approve this access to proceed with the download of the tiktok video.

The video should begin to download, and the last step will be to find the video in your files system. To do this you will need to open up the files app on you phone which should look something like this:

Then all you need to do is click on video and you should have access to your downloaded tiktok video. If you want to download your tiktok videos directly to your pc or if you are not able to download the tiktok video you can use our download tiktok video software which will download any video.

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