How to download any tiktok video on pc

There are a variety of methods for downloading tiktok videos on pc. The easiest of which is to download tiktok videos using our custom software. If you are not interested in downloading software there is another way to download the videos directly from chrome (or other browsers).

The First step to download a tiktok video on pc is to navigate to and go to the video that you would like to download.

From there, you will need to right click on the video itself and click the “inspect” option.

after you click inspect a popup should appear on the screen, this is the chrome developer tools and should look similar to this:

The code you see on the screen is the html source code of the webpage, a <span> element should be automatically highlighted for you. This is an element that tiktok has chosen to lay over the video element so we need to look two lines up for the <video> element. The video element should contain a “src” attribute with a URLs as the value. You need to copy this URL and paste it into a new tab in your browser.

This URL should open a blank page with just the tiktok video that you want to download. now all you need to do is click the three dots in the bottom right hand corner and press the download option and your video should begin to download.

If all this is too compilated or the videos are not downloading, we have put together a program that can do all this for you, all you need to do is provide the URLs that you want to download and the program will take care of the rest.

The program can be downloaded here:

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